GTO Maduro Review

By on December 15, 2011

Recently i have the honor to try out a new cigar from GTO Dominican cigars, the GTO Maduro.

GTO Dominican Cigars was founded 2010 by Dr. Oscar Rodriguez. as with other fine cigars in the GTO Line, the Maduro is made with Dominican Binders, fillers and features a maduro wrapper that is full of flavor. from the first light of the cigar you really get a uniform taste that reminds you that this is a full-bodied smoke.

the flavor of this full-bodied cigar is very rich, but at the same time not too earthy compared to other maduro cigars such as the Cohiba triple maduro. the GTO has more of a sweet taste to it, more so near the middle of the cigar. lighting the GTO was fairly easy, upon toasting the foot, it only required 3 or 4 quick puffs to get started and it burns very evenly throughout the entire smoke without any ashes dropping before i am ready to tap it into the tray.

The GTO are handmade cigars, and in my opinion very well constructed, the first cigar i tried i punched and noticed part of the cap come undone, but not enough to hinder my enjoyment, the next 2 times were cut and i did not notice any problems. the draw on the cut cigars seemed to be better, but punching it allowed me to enjoy the flavor more.



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